Marketing Technique, or Truth – Understanding the Ads You See on the Internet

I really never thought I would have to put this into writing. I actually assumed that everyone using the Internet understood this. But hey, I am a big thinker, I do not spend my time thinking about or sweating the small stuff. Until it came to my attention how harmful this is to the real business marketers out there and how silly it is for this to even be an issue.So what is it? It is search engine results advertising, or pay per click advertising.A couple of years ago, I took an Internet marketing class, although it was basically a waste of my time, there is one thing which really stands out from that class.We were taught “when advertising on the Internet, find something that is really hot and connect your keywords to it” to generate more traffic and greater results. The example we primarily used was “who is hot in entertainment”. For example, if Britney Spears is in the news, use her as a keyword and link your site and your ad to anyone who is searching for information on her.Well, at the time, I thought it was silly and actually unethical, so I never used that technique. After all, people searching for Britney would never be looking for a way to improve themselves or even a home based business.But today, I find this tactic is being so badly misused in Internet Search Marketing. Google any legitimate business or person and what you will find is paid advertising, ads that blast or slam the company only to bring attention to another company.I find this especially true in home based businesses, but don’t just take my word for it. Google any legitimate business, businesses where people are having amazing success and results and see for yourself what those with no ethics are doing.You will find things like “Why I did not join”, Why I quit”, “This is a scam” and the disgusting antics go on and on and on.Most Internet marketers would NEVER pay any attention to ads such as this. Marketers know these people are just using unethical approaches to ride the tide of success of other legitimate marketers. But the inexperienced public does NOT know this. Unfortunately they believe what these guys are saying. All they really have to do is click on the ads and see that it is actually an ad for another company. Duh! How hard is this to figure out??Why do you think advertising always slams the other guy? If the other guy is hot, then jump on the bandwagon. That is all these sleazy people are doing, is jumping on the bandwagon of success. Making a disgusting attempt to legitimise themselves by disenfranchising the real marketer.So, what do I suggest? Do your homework. Talk to people who are ACTUALLY involved in the opportunity so see what they think. Talk to the Attorney General of the listed home state, talk to the Association of Home Business, talk to the State Incorporation offices, they will tell you all you need to know. BUT, do not listen to unethical, sleazy people who do not know how to advertise without slamming another company.Anyway, why would ANYONE want to get started with a business who bases it’s advertising on slamming other businesses? That would certainly be a red flag to me and businesses started with this technique are surely going to have little success. It is the law of nature, the Law of Reciprocity”.And one more thing I absolutely must add here…Adults have to be responsible for their own results in life. If someone fails at any business opportunity, it is because THEY failed. Either they did not follow the already proven systems (trying to reinvent the wheel), or they were waiting for someone else to do the work for them, or maybe even they never expected to succeed anyway. I truly believe this is why most failures occur, there was never a level of expectation for success.You should also trust your feelings in these cases as well. If a product feels right, if it is hot, if it is cutting edge, and if others are having success, then there is no reason why you can not as well as long as you are willing to do the work.So get out there and find what you are looking for, but stay away from paid advertising slamming your company and let those who are practicing this know, it DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU!To your success…

Are You Making This Deadly Mistake in Your Internet Home Based Business?

In today’s economy most people are looking to start an Internet home based business to be able to have that money and time freedom that we all want, am I right? But if you look at the numbers, how many people actually get what they came for? 3 out of 100? Unfortunate as it may be, it is the honest truth and our industy numbers. As for the other 97 people, they either quit within their first 90 days or they end up spending more money then they make. I will explain how to make sure you are part of that 3% who see success in Internet home based businesses.

Never, and I repeat NEVER talk about/pitch your business opportunity. Nobody cares if you have the best compensation plan on the planet, or the best multivitamin in the industry. You see, all of that doesn’t matter. I know, it may be shocking at first but hear me out. OK… People buy into people. Your target market is going to be made up of primarily people who are already in an internet home based business. They don’t want to hear about an opportunity, they want to find a LEADER who can help them break away from that ugly 97% and finally be apart of the elite 3%. The only goal you should try to accomplish is helping other people get what they want through your content. By showing expertise they will begin to follow your work, opt in, and eventually join your business.

Ok, so I know you might be thinking well if I focus on only marketing myself and helping other people get what they want, how on earth will I be able to get results in my business? It’s common sense really. There is only one you, and nobody can compete with that. Always remember that you must give first, and then receive. Show people that you know what you are talking about, that you are the leader that they are desperately looking for. They will start to take notice, slowly but surely, and then come to you (the leader) to show them how they can reach their goals and see the same success that you have.

97% of people in Internet home based businesses have absolutely no idea how to become a true success in this industry. Make sure you pull yourself away from that crowd by marketing yourself and your ability to lead another to success, not your business opportunity!